The world is fast changing and adapting to sustainable and greener options for all mobility needs. This is manifesting in the form of Electric Vehicles (“EV”). It is projected that by 2030–2035, the production of petrol/diesel based engines (“Internal Combustion Engines”) will stop. Our mission is to power that change and support the paradigm shift by setting the largest EV charging infrastructure in India.

The vision is to have our stations and charging points across the country. Pi will be on highways, key roads and areas in the cities, at malls, residential complexes, at hospitals, commercial complexes, work parks and more.

This will ensure that the EV owners can use their vehicles without the concern about running out of charge.

They will “Always Be Incharge”. Our engineering team has developed solutions to support the entire ecosystem, starting with bikes, auto rickshaws, to cars and heavy vehicles and fleets.

We are strongly committed to environment and sustainability. In about 5 years, 30% of our power needs will be solar based and of course there are other plans as well.

Our Technology team is building compelling platforms to support the entire stack of products and services that we offer. Architectural principle includes app and api first approach, micro services, cloud tech for scalability and reliability and blockchain for immutability and assurances. The objective is to deliver easy to use and accurate platforms for our users.

We Do

We are always looking for new ideas on how we can improve our services or do things better. So please feel to drop us a note at hello@piev.world


  • We build Pi branded EV Charging stations across India
  • We make the (Capex) Investment
  • We operate and maintain the charging stations
  • We Monitor the charging demand, plan and build additional capacity and upgrade devices as necessary


  • Highways, Residential complex, Commercial Complex, Work Parks, Popular Landmarks, Railway stations, Airports, etc


  • We work with customers/hosts at a city level or at pan India
  • Engagement Model with hosts includes JV OR Rental
  • We work as exclusive charging solution partner with 10 Years Term


  • Fast Charging (30 mins. to an hour max.)


  • EV Owners earn rewards points for discounts and other benefits
  • The points can be redeemed at various facilities across India such as hotels and shopping


  • We undertake contract work with Municipalities and Government enterprise(s)/organization(s) to setup EV charging facilities
  • We provide end to end EV Charging Solution consultancy
  • Includes EV load planning & optimized charging solutions and more